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San Antonio, Texas Fall 2016 Housing Market Reports

Written by on Wednesday, 19 October 2016 1:51 am

The city of San Antonio continues to have a record-breaking year for their housing market and their numbers are soaring well above average for the entire state of Texas and even the region of the southeastern United States. The popularity and market numbers within San Antonio should not be a surprise to anyone given that the city has had one of the best housing markets in the United States for the past several years, but even in an Election year like 2016 San Antonio’s housing market has continued to do really well with a lot of people moving to San Antonio throughout the entirety of 2016 so far.

Back in May San Antonio saw really great numbers with precisely 2,807 homes sold just in the month of May, and this is a really good increase from 2015. Another interesting statistic from San Antonio’s housing market update back in May is that the houses that were sold were, for the most part around 50%, were selling for under $500,000 and above $200,000. For a lot of other areas in the United States this might seem rather affordable, and that is part of the way San Antonio’s housing market has been able to do so well in 2016. By being able to offer buyers a considerable amount of square footage in their homes for reasonable prices it just makes sense to take a good paying job in San Antonio and raise children and have a family there.

In San Antonio the median price of a single family home is around $208,000, which is an amazing price when you consider some of the other major real estate markets in the United States like Los Angeles and Seattle, but at the same time with a median priced home in San Antonio you are going to get a lot of space as well, and this is something that is bringing more and more people down to the lone star state.

Let’s be honest too, San Antonio is one heck of a good place to live in when it comes to Texas and the southeast region of America, and the culture and overall ambience of the city is not only intelligent and economical but also friendly and hospitable. Americans are starting to see the appeal in San Antonio and that is driving thousands upon thousands of potential home buyers to the city every month. 2016 has been no different than the past years except that San Antonio’s housing market has only continued to grow.

So as of right now in October 2016 it is looking like San Antonio is going to be breaking some records with their housing market this year, which is of course very different than the majority of the United States in 2016. But San Antonio has by far made themselves distinguishable from all other housing markets, and that is part of the reason why their fall housing market update is one of the best and most promising in the country.

Article written by RPM Campanas

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